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                                 New Changes for 2017

Many individuals from our forum already know that Lady Isolde has been battling  various health conditions for many years and due to such we have been slowly discontinuing our public services. Our services have always been offered by one family rather than a large staff and with Lady Isolde stepping down, we have decided now is the time to close . We started our website in 2005 and our webstore in 2006, we feel that it is now time to dedicate more energy to our own family and their well being.
After January 31, 2017 our webstore will no longer be accessible for browsing and purchases. Until then, there is a clearance sale available on our webstore located here: Sales! Eventually everything in our webstore will be discounted; if a listing is not yet discounted, feel free to email us and we will give you the new price. From January 31, 2017 to February 31,2017 we still will have some inventory for sale, but it will be on email contact alone. Due to these changes we will not be doing any custom Summonings, Conjurings and Amulets.
While we are closing our webstore, we will still contribute to scholarly pursuits in spiritual and magickal endeavors and as such, our forum will still be available. Throughout 2017, we will still be available for questions on previous  purchases from our webstore and spiritual topics. After our webstore is closed however, the only available ways to contact us is using our only email address mysticalmoonstore@gmail.com and by emailing us on our Forum (look for the Administrator Lady Guardian).
Lady Isolde, Lady Guardian & Lady Draconia